November 2023 - I would advise that I have now fully retired from my IT business activity.   The various software projects in which I have been involved in recent years have been frozen and are no longer receiving updates, other than the ImportPlus component of RAS_EDI. Updates for ImportPlus continue to be available from David Wright at Skyewright.  

My information technology services included specifying, supplying and supporting hardware, software and services for small businesses.  A lot of my work before retiring involved the optimisation of accounting and business management software in the work place.

SAGE 50 Accounts

In my former business, I offered support for the sourcing, installation, setup and usage of the very widely used SAGE 50 Accounts range of accounting software.   When my additional software was in use, it made the SAGE user’s work life much easier and productive.


A few years ago, I discovered an interesting little accounting program called Manager - see Manager home page here.   Manager is very appropriate to the smallest of businesses and has a number of strengths, in particular the ability to very quickly create recurring sales and purchase invoices and to quickly create new transactions by cloning older transactions.  Better still, the desktop version of Manager is free to use.


My former range of software included:

RAS_EDI - Digital data flows in and out of SAGE 50 Accounts.

MS Access based projects - Business productivity applications using Microsoft Office Access as the base platform.

Applets - compact yet powerful pieces of software to do all sorts of tasks.

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